I'm an Atheist and I agree with your article. I sincerely think that Agnosticism is the most sustainable position (scientifically correct "I don't know"), but I'm Atheist for practical reasons, I cannot prove a negative, neither can a Theist. The only problem is that Theism is harming our world with dangerous dogmas and ideologies. I can still tolerate living with Theists who do their things in private without bothering anybody but bottom line is, I'm not tolerating those proselytizing and wanting to influence Policies and Lives of others. With that said, your point is valid, on Agnosticism, the Scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is saying the same thing. We don't know a lot of things, even if we know certain things and we should be intellectually humble and always learn, change our mind if proven wrong, evolve ... it's called Critical thinking.

“Lies are more engaging online than truth,” says former CIA analyst, diplomat and Facebook employee Yaël Eisenstat. “As long as [social media] algorithms’ goals are to keep us engaged, they will feed us the poison that plays to our worst instincts and human weaknesses.” In this bold talk, Eisenstat explores how social media companies like Facebook incentivize inflammatory content, contributing to a culture of political polarization and mistrust — and calls on governments to hold these platforms accountable in order to protect civil discourse and democracy.


In practicing of detachment (let it go, move on, …), the apprentice philosopher will go through 3 stages:

1. In the beginning, like any ignorant man, he will look for scapegoats;
2. When he begins to learn, he will attack himself;
3. When he is fully instructed, he will not accuse anyone.

Skeptic Kozobiani

Maths-Auditing-Finance. #Critical-thinker #Humanist #PassionateOfScience #GlobalWarmingMatters

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